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Study to Settle abroad journey

Choose a Proactive Approach to THRIVE, Not Just Survive, in Uncharted Territories

Get study-ready, job-ready, life-ready, and career-ready to make the most of the opportunities in this life-defining phase.

A Holistic approach to becoming deserving of the desired success

The S2S program levels you up and helps you stand out from the crowd. It lifts you from a student to a learner, from a worker to a contributor, and from a newcomer to an aspirant.

The Skills to Succeed Support Program for international students stands out for its unique blend of scientific career guidance and upskilling. In addition to offering a wide range of over a hundred succinct courses organized into twelve distinct categories, the program includes the renowned Clifton Strengths Finder assessment, a world leader in career development.

This program employs a combination of multilingual instructor-led and self-paced learning methods to ensure positive learning outcomes. Its primary goal is to equip international students with globally transferable and futuristic skills that employers are unlikely to overlook.

The S2S program enriches your journey, evolving you from simply being new to the environment to actively aspiring for academic excellence, career advancement, and successful integration within the community.

Course Framework

The program is structured into course categories that cover specific focus areas. Enlisted courses are carefully aligned and sequenced to correspond with the different stages of an international student’s journey.

The program empowers international students with modern-day tertiary study and employability skills so they can achieve their academic and career goals abroad. The courses can be instructor-led for immersive learning or completed as self-paced eLearning modules, depending upon the desired learning outcomes.

Instructor Led Courses

Right at the onset, Our Skills to succeed training program place a strong emphasis on addressing the fundamental challenges that students encounter as they embark on their educational journey. To achieve this goal, we have carefully curated three course categories for instructor-led classes. These live classes will be conducted online via our own Learning Management System (LMS), providing learners with tailored guidance and support in a language they are comfortable with. Our approach fosters an interactive and engaging learning experience, promoting a deeper understanding and effective knowledge acquisition.

Study Ready

The STUDY READY course category is a collection of fifteen modules with in-depth introduction to the key tertiary study topics necessary for achieving academic success. Led by our expert faculty, this program is meticulously crafted and delivered in an instructor-led format. It covers an array of essential topics, such as information research, management and collation, referencing, citation, academic writing, and plagiarism.

Job Ready

The Job Ready series of courses empowers learners to stand out by developing practical skills in employability areas such as occupational competencies, health & safety, and core personal  skills required for meaningful, respectful part-time jobs. Upon completing the course, students enter the job areana with confidence to excel in their career-related roles and gain a competitive edge while developing transerable skills.

Life Ready

The courses in LIFE READY category are designed to help participants develop a comprehensive understanding of the geopolitical and socio-economic landscape of their study destination, as well as the social and cultural factors that shape it. They will also develop a range of skills which will help them improve their social adaptability, allowing them to communicate effectively and navigate their journey to become a global citizen.

Self Paced Learning

Our self-paced online course categories are thoughtfully designed and categorized to provide learners with flexibility, convenience, personalized learning, and easy access to resources, making it an appealing choice for those who seek to take control of their learning experience. Each of the categories and courses featured in our program comprises essential employability skills that are highly valued by employers when selecting candidates. Some of the key categories are listed below.

Career Integration Plan

Crafted to guide your journey, these plans outline a precise path for mastering your chosen career. They provide comprehensive insights, from local industry nuances and key players to roles, regulations, professional bodies, Health and Safety protocols, and effective job search tactics relevant to your chosen career.

Workplace Essential Skills

This bundled set of workplace essential skills courses aims to empower students with the strategic insights and ethical frameworks necessary for a flourishing career in the modern business landscape. 

Course topics encompass Business Acumen, Business Ethics, and Conflict Resolution. 

Professional Skills Bundle

This five-course bundle equips students with key skills in Change Management, Contract Management, Crisis Management, and Essential Soft Skills.

Designed for seamless learning, each course complements the next, preparing you for leadership and effective communication in today’s business world

Jobs Ecosystem

As students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce confidently, we provide them with access to our comprehensive Job ecosystem which brings together all the stakeholders on a seamless platform for finding and securing employment opportunities. Our job board is a valuable resource for students looking to jump-start their careers.

Maintain your Portfolio

As a unique aspect of our Learning Management System, students have the ability to create and maintain a personal profile on our platform. This feature allows them to monitor their learning progress, highlight their accomplishments, and showcase their credentials.

Apply for Jobs on our Portal

Our job portal services feature partnerships with employers seeking talent and eager to hire international students for key positions. Students receive notifications for new job postings and can directly apply for positions that match their skills and experience. 

Get recruited from our portal

In our ecosystem, learners have the option to make their profiles publicly visible. Our partner employers can then search the candidate database and directly reach out to individuals whose profiles match the roles they are looking to fill, initiating further discussion.

News and Resources

Our team of expert writers is dedicated to bringing you accurate, engaging, and thought-provoking content to keep you up-to-date with the ever-evolving world around us. Additionally, explore our resources section, where you’ll find informative guides, helpful tutorials, and practical tips to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Essential Questions

Study abroad is probably the most important decision of an aspiring student. The decision requires an extensive time and financial committment.

We encourage students to seek answers to 30 key questions accross five stages of Student Visa to PR journey starting with  course and career planning, visa process, part time jobs, academic success, social adaptability and securing PR in a timely manner.

We have curated a list of questions which are instrumental in your success in this life altering event. Contact us to get answers to each of these questions.  

Essential Career Guides

We have put together a collection of CAREER GUIDES to initiate the discussion as you explore
further study and settle options in major study destinations and become a truly Global Citizen.

These career guides detail the career prospects, study options, eligibility
and affordability criteria, and post-study work visa and PR pathway information under current rules and regulations so you make an informed decision. 


Employability Score

Study and settle abroad journey is full of challenges and opportunities. Your goal should be not only education but enhanced employability in your chosen field to justify the investment of time and money.

Start your journey on the right note by testing where you stand across different skills and attributes international employers are looking for. Your employability depends on six factors 1. Personal Skills 2. Communication Skills 3. Critical Thinking Skills 4. Self Management Skills 5. Personal branding and job search skills 6. Applied & technical Skills

A successful and rewarding career awaits you in your destination country. Use this short quiz and prepare to stand out of crowd.

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