"Unlock Your Path to Permanent Residency in New Zealand Ensure your success by changing your focus from Immigration to Integration "

Imagine starting a new chapter of your life in beautiful New Zealand. What's stopping you? If it's the complexity of immigration rules or the anxiety to secure good employment post study, let us guide you through the STUDY TO SETTLE pathway. Your drive, coupled with your desires make you deserving.

New Zealand's Updated Skilled Migrant Category is forward looking & progressive

Under New Zealand’s updated ‘Skilled Migrant Category‘ which is both progressive and forward-looking, applications are assessed based on employability as a skilled migrant when securing an ANZSCO skills level 1, 2, or 3 job, and on integration capability when retaining that job for one year. Securing permanent residency is now a matter of earning 6 points, achievable through a combination of study, job offers, and work experience.

We understand that it’s easier said than done!!!

This is where we come in with our 5A holistic approach. Nobody knows New Zealand more than we do. Our support is backed by experience, expertise, industry connections and scientific career planning tools where we help you connect withyoru true calling. With 25 years of experience in New Zealand, we’re proud members of the New Zealand Career Development Association and the Employers and Manufacturers Association. One out of a vast array of meaningful career resources, we present a free career integration plan designed by experts with industry input.

Career Integration Plan

This exceptional tool is all you need to formulate a strategy to assimilate into your dream career in NZ, so you secure a job which will provide you with the missing sixth point, paving the way for your future. It covers all aspects of career assimilation, including industry trends, key players, rules and regulations, professional bodies, job search strategy, and supplementary resources.

Your strategic approach coupled with our experience, expertise and scientifically designed tools will enhance your EMPLOYABILITY so that EMPLOYMENT follows and subsequently realise your IMMIGRATION goals. Choose your desired career from 10 most prolific career paths in NZ listed below. 

At this critical juncture in your life you don’t need a Visa Consultant but a NZ based Employability and Immigration expert.

Find the difference between a Visa Consultant and an international career expert.

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What is the ‘STUDY TO SETTLE’ pathway?
The ‘STUDY TO SETTLE’ pathway is designed to guide international students and professionals through the process of gaining permanent residency in New Zealand by combining study, job offers, and work experience.

What are the ‘6 Points’ for permanent residency?
In the revised New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category, you require 6 points to secure your permanent residency. These can be obtained through a combination of completing a Masters Degree in New Zealand, which gives you 5 points, and securing a job offer along with one year of experience in certain job categories, contributing to the all-important sixth point.

What are ANZSCO level 1, 2 and 3 roles?
These skill levels are a crucial component of New Zealand’s immigration policy, especially under the Skilled Migrant Category. Earning a job offer and work experience in jobs that are classified under ANZSCO Level 1, 2, or 3 is essential to prove your eligibility for points-based immigration processes.

What is the Career Integration Plan?
Our Career Integration Plan is a comprehensive guide that helps you navigate the job market in New Zealand. It includes industry trends, key players, rules and regulations, professional bodies, and job search strategies, along with supplementary resources.

How do you differ from other visa consultants?
Unlike traditional visa consultants, we provide a holistic approach that focuses on both employability and immigration. We offer personalized career and visa consultation sessions and a robust Career Integration Plan to help you realize your immigration goals.

How much does your service cost?
The initial career consultation session and Clifton Strength Finder assessment, worth INR 10,000, are absolutely free. For details on the costs of additional services, please contact us.

How long does the entire process usually take?
The timeline can vary depending on individual circumstances, but generally, the Study to Settle pathway can take around 2-3 years to complete.

You need more than Visa consultation, make better career decisions!

Book Your FREE Career Consultation Now and Get a Clifton Strength Finder Assessment Worth INR 10,000 Absolutely FREE!

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As students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to enter the workforce confidently, we provide them with access to our comprehensive Job ecosystem which brings together all the stakeholders on a seamless platform for finding and securing employment opportunities. Our job board is a valuable resource for students looking to jump-start their careers.

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