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Study to settle abroad journey A PERFECT START

A collection of carefully selected, meticulosly sequenced and expertly curated short courses with special focus on international students to help them align with their global aspirations.

Instructor Led Programs

Our top three course categories are delivered in Instructor-led virtual classrooms that offer real-time interaction, structured learning, adaptive teaching, and immediate assistance, fostering motivation and accountability for learners. The courses are delivered in the language that the study group is comfortable with so the knowledge is acquired without any language barrier.  

The courses, lessons and related topics can be explored in the sections below. 

Courses for Getting Job Ready

The Job Ready series of courses empowers learners to stand out by developing practical skills in core areas such as occupational competencies, health & safety, and other essential skills required for meaningful, respectful part-time jobs. Upon completing the course, participants can enter and develop the confidence to excel in their career-related roles and gain a competitive edge.

Courses for Getting Study Ready

The STUDY READY course category is a collection of fifteen modules with in-depth introduction to the key tertiary study topics necessary for achieving academic success. Led by our expert faculty, this program is meticulously crafted and delivered in an instructor-led format.

It covers an array of essential topics, such as information research, management and collation, referencing, citation, academic writing, and plagiarism.

Courses for Getting Life Ready

The selection of courses in LIFE READY category are designed to help participants develop a comprehensive understanding of the geopolitical and socio-economic landscape of their study destination, as well as the social and cultural factors that shape it. They will also develop a range of skills and knowledge that will help them improve their social adaptability, allowing them to communicate effectively and navigate their journey to become a global citizen.

Self Paced Programs

In addition to the Instructor lead courses that provide a perfect start to your endeavors and ensure smooth transitioning, we encourage ongoing learning through a collection of self-paced courses to develop modern-day employability skills. The students can complete these courses as and when they find some time while in college to pursue their formal education. The efforts put into the process of picking these skills will bear lifelong professional benefits.

The course categories and their specific courses are detailed in the sections below.

Career Integration Plan

Kickstart your study-to-settle abroad journey with our customized Career Integration Plans. Designed for your specific field, these plans are presented in a course format to cover all essentials, from industry insights, key players, rules & regulations, and professional bodies as well as Health and safety practices & job-hunting strategies specific to your career. You can personalize your plan to match your learning style and track your progress easily via our intuitive LMS, ensuring a smooth and informed transition into your new career.

Career Building Skills

The combination of six speciifc courses provide resources and support to help individuals overcome barriers to career success. By completing these courses individuals can improve their job prospects, advance in their careers, and achieve their professional goals.

Administrative Skills

This set of five administrative skills courses is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in a business setting. Topics covered in the courses include office management, schedule maintenance and effective communication with clients and colleagues. Each course builds on the previous one and is designed to be taken as a cohesive unit.

Team Building Skills

A collection of five modules are put together in this section to help participants gain valuable skills in facilitation, trust building, resilience development, and employee motivation, all essential for effective team building. Each course module enables the candidates to be influential leaders and create a positive and supportive work environment that fosters collaboration, productivity, and success.

Leadership Skills

This collection of seven leadership skills courses aims to empower professionals with the critical competencies necessary for leadership excellence. Topics explored within these courses range from Coaching & Mentoring and Teambuilding through Chemistry, to Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Motivation, Employee Recognition, Talent Management, and Facilitation Skills. 

The series concludes with a comprehensive course on Leadership & Influence. Each course is designed to be a building block, complementing and expanding upon the skills taught in the previous courses, thus forming a holistic program.

Personal Development Skills

Our Personal Development Skills bundle is a set of six integrated courses designed to empower individuals to reach their full potential in both professional and personal settings. Covering key areas such as Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Setting, Self-Awareness, Social Intelligence, and Taking Initiatives.

This cohesive program equips students with the tools to make informed decisions, navigate complex social scenarios, and take actionable steps towards their goals.

Professional Skills Bundle

This five-course bundle equips students with key skills in Change Management, Contract Management, Crisis Management, and Essential Soft Skills. Designed for seamless learning, each course complements the next, preparing you for leadership and effective communication in today’s business world

Workplace Essential Skills

This bundled set of workplace essential skills courses aims to empower students with the strategic insights and ethical frameworks necessary for a flourishing career in the modern business landscape. Course topics encompass Business Acumen, Business Ethics, and Conflict Resolution. Each course is meticulously crafted to complement the others, providing a comprehensive learning journey for those seeking to excel in the complexities of today’s work environment.

Microsoft Office Essentials

This Microsoft Essentials bundle covers Access, Excel, Word, and Outlook, equipping students with key office skills. Each course complements the next, offering an integrated learning experience for database management, spreadsheets, document formatting, and email handling.

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