Aged care: Gratitude, Responsibility & Opportunities

This course explores the critical role of caregiving in supporting our elders and ensuring their well-being. This course delves into the profound gratitude we express in caring for those who once cared for us, along with the serious responsibility it entails. It enlightens learners about the complexities of aged care and the skills required to navigate this sensitive landscape. Additionally, it uncovers numerous opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and career advancement in the thriving field of aged care.
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This course equips international undergraduate students in healthcare and social services with essential skills and knowledge for part-time roles in aged care. It focuses on principles such as gratitude and responsibility, preparing students to provide high-quality, compassionate care to the elderly.

Target Audience: International undergraduate students pursuing healthcare or social services, aiming to enhance academic learning with practical aged care experience.

Learning Outcomes: Students will:

  1. Understand the aging process and specific needs of elderly clients.
  2. Apply principles of caregiving with empathy and ethical conduct.
  3. Develop skills for physical and emotional well-being management in aged care.
  4. Navigate legal and ethical considerations in their professional actions.
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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 12 Topics
  • Course Certificate
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