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Revolutionize Your IELTS Preparation and Academic Skills

IELTS Plus is an innovative course designed to serve a dual purpose: not only does it thoroughly prepare students to achieve their desired IELTS scores, but it also facilitates a smooth transition into the demanding academic environment of international tertiary education. This comprehensive course combines foundational knowledge of essential grammar and vocabulary with modern, proven learning strategies such as the 5R, SQ3R, PEAR, and HEAR. It distinctively equips students for higher-level studies by integrating key academic skills, including digital research, source evaluation, referencing, citation, and upholding academic integrity.

Why IELTS Plus?

  • Advanced IELTS Prep: Master grammar, vocabulary, and exam strategies.
  • Modern Learning Techniques: Utilize the widely recognised methods for deeper linguistic capabilities more than just clearing the test.
  • Tertiary Study Skills: Gain critical skills to excel in the rigorous academic environment of global educational institutes.
  • Interactive Learning: An opportunity to experience the educational styles and technologies similar to the institutes you will attend for further education. Utilize our advanced LMS to monitor and progress your learning consistently.

Achieve More with IELTS Plus: This is an exam preparation and a gateway to academic and professional success. Equip yourself with the language proficiency and academic skills you need for the future.

Course Content

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Foundations of Grammar and Vocabulary
Expanding Grammar and Vocabulary Knowledge
Build Your Knowledge and Vocabulory
Module 1: IELTS Speaking Mastery
Module 2: IELTS Listening Mastery
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Course Includes

  • 46 Lessons
  • 152 Topics
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