#2 WMS: Understand the systems behind warehouse management

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Course Description: This course is designed to provide international undergraduates in the mechanical and civil engineering fields with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and processes involved in warehouse operations. The course focuses on the flow of goods within a warehouse setting, covering critical operations from goods receipt to dispatch, along with an introduction to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and safety protocols.

Target Audience: International undergraduate students in mechanical and civil engineering fields preparing for roles that require an understanding of warehouse operations and logistics.

Learning Outcomes: Students will:

  1. Understand the processes involved in the receipt and storage of goods.
  2. Learn the essentials of inventory management, including stocktakes and maintaining accurate records.
  3. Gain knowledge on efficient picking and packing techniques.
  4. Be familiar with dispatch procedures and documentation.
  5. Have a basic understanding of WMS and the use of scanners in warehouse operations.
  6. Recognize common hazards in warehouse environments and understand basic safety protocols.

Course Structure:

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 15 Topics
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