How it Works

Welcome to Skills to Succeed, your go-to platform for essential courses that will prepare you to excel in your educational and professional journey abroad. Helping you Assess, Align and Act to convert challenges into opportunities

Step 1: Short Quizzes, Big Insights: Test Your Readiness

As a study and settle abroad aspirant, your first step is to see how prepared you are for the each stage of your journey. We have designed these quizzes to assess your readines for academic pursuits, part time jobs and social adaptability. Upon completing the quizzes you will get a detailed report highlighting the areas to address. 

Step 2 Crafting Your Unique Pathway, Designed Just For You.

Based on the findings of the quizzes, We will prepare a learning pathway and allocate a collection of courses aligned with your requirements.  Enrollment in our courses is by invitation only.  We aim to provide the best learning experience for all participants.

Step 3: Engage and Learn

Once enrolled, you will receive your Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment code to help you identify your strengths. And immerse yourself in our learning environment  meticulously crafted courses designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge. Engage with our expert team of facilitators, receive the training schedule, and collaborate with peers during the live virtual classes.

Step 4: Course Completion and Approval

Upon successful completion of a course, you’ll be awarded a certificate, accompanied by a comprehensive transcript detailing the breadth and depth of your learning journey. This not only serves as a testament to your dedication and commitment but also provides a tangible showcase of the rich course content and skills gained, sure to impress any prospective employer

However, please note that course certificates will be provided after our academic quality assurance team has reviewed and approved your performance. This ensures that your achievements reflect the high standards set by Skills to Succeed.

Step 5: Unlock Job Opportunities

As part of our platform, gain access to our Job Portal, where partnered companies upload job listings. Showcase your newly acquired skills and qualifications to increase your chances of being selected for desirable positions. Apply confidently for jobs that align with your career goals and aspirations.

Step 6: Ongoing Learning, for greater leaps

Balancing part-time jobs and a demanding study schedule shouldn’t be where your learning ends. We offer a comprehensive suite of self-paced courses on ‘Modern Day Employability Skills’ meticulously arranged across nine diverse categories, spanning over fifty specialized subjects. This empowers you to continuously augment your skillset and improve your personal profile, even while you’re still in college.

WOO your prospective employers by showcasing an impressive employability index. Our revolutionary CAREER LAUNCH PAD service stands ready at the completion of your educational journey, poised to propel you into a successful career. Leverage our unique EMPLOYABILITY SCORE QUIZ to craft a personalized, effective plan for your future. Remember, your learning journey doesn’t stop here – it merely shifts into a higher gear.

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